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Prata Riverside Village

A new form of ART

A tribute to the neighborhood’s creative community.

Park. First river line

And the first line of a new way of living Lisbon

Prata Riverside Village

Your oportunity to breathe a new way of living

Developing at an excellent construction pace, the development maintains a high demand from those who wish to live in a neighborhood where everything has been carefully thought out.

Inhabited Buildings

Built area

Apartments Delivered

Available typologies

Natural light

Favorable orientation

Natural light

3 Km2 of gardens


Natural lighting

River view


River view
New Floor Model

New Floor Model

Where elegance and comfort meet

Lisbon’s natural light, the Tagus River, and the green spaces at the doorstep inspired the decoration of the new space designed by Atelier Carla Zuzarte.

Prata Riverside Village brochure

Discover a new lifestyle with a river view 365 days a year.


“The community’s support and the picturesque environment fuel my passion and business growth every day. The serenity of living by the river complements the dynamism of my business, creating a life that’s both personally satisfying and professionally rewarding.”

Anel Imanbay

Resident and owner of Into Beauty

“As eclectic as it is harmonious: art, events, and cultural diversity combined with the natural beauty of the river, in an unlikely yet perfect blend.”

Elisabete Basto


“Having a business at Prata is like having a neighborhood business with global projection.”

Hugo Dias

Owner of Rise Bike Shop

Valuable Investment Capital

VIC Properties

Focused on the Portuguese residential real estate market, VIC Properties combines a unique operating experience in the local context with a deep knowledge of the capital market and a vast experience in large developments, being a specialist in the development of fully integrated residential developments and stands out for the ability to create unique and exclusive styles, dynamics and experiences to all his projects.