(v.) 1 Brighten up everyday life;
2 Coating life with a layer of well-being, culture and art;
3 Daily practice of living in Prata.


Issue #03 04.2024

This edition of PRATEAR is a celebration of life in the East. We will visit our neighbourhood. We will evoke last summer. We will take a quick trip to Chelas to hear Sara Correia’s powerful voice. And we will announce a novelty that will certainly make us feel ‘in bloom’.


Issue #02 12.2022

Is a shout-out to people who make Prata Riverside Village transcend its material dimension and become the living place where residents, visitors and neighbours feel embraced.


Issue #01 05.2022

Silver is the colour of the future, of the Tagus and of Prata Riverside. Surrender to this hue and discover a new lifestyle.