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Exclusive flats signed by Atelier RPBW

A Pritzker Prize Winner, Renzo Piano is one of today's most praised architects, with a reference work around the world. Inspired by the river, the history and beauty of Lisbon, Prata Riverside Village, your only project in Portugal, already marks the city skyline.

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Prata Riverside Village

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Prata Riverside Village
Prata Riverside Village

Portfolio RPBW

  • Centre Georges Pompidou

    An architectural icon of Paris, the Georges-Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture is a vast multidisciplinary structure, a culture factory that preserves and exhibits the most important collections of modern art.

    © Ph: Denancé, Michel

  • New York Times

    In New York's heart, lives one of the greatest work of this architect: New York Times headquarters. Favoring sustainability and natural light enhancement solutions, it is already considered as one of the great references in Manhattan.

    © Ph: Denancé, Michel

  • The Shard

    Also by RPBW, The Shard - Europe's largest building - has an irregular pyramidal shape with 72 habitable floors. In addition to an outdoor gallery, the unmistakable silhouette of this skyscraper also has a magnificent panoramic terrace overlooking Southwark.

    © Ph: Martin, Chris

  • Paris Courthouse

    Inaugurated in 2018, the Supreme Court of Paris headquarters is located next to Porte de Clichy. With 38 floors and 120,000 sqm of area, the star-building of the city of Paris was born with the intention of joining all the parisian Justice services in one single compound.

    © Ph: Laurent, Maxime

  • Jean-Marie Tjibaou

    The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center, located in New Caledonia and named after a former political leader murdered in 1989, is a true celebration - in the form of architecture - of the local Southwest Pacific culture, Kanak.

    © Ph: Pantz, Pierre Alain

  • RPBW Atelier

    Working on a hillside in Punta Nave is the secret of RPBW architects. On the coast of Genoa, is one of Renzo Piano's Ateliers - apart from the ones in Paris and New York - where magic and great ideas take place.

    © Ph: Fregoso & Basalto

Intervention area in Marvila

Intervention area in Marvila


Timeline of the development

  1. The first building

    How it all began

    Completed in mid-2018, Lot 8 had the privilege of being the first of the12 Prata Riverside Villagelots to be built. Fully sold and occupied by the beginning of 2019, it has already become an unmistakable landmark in the Lisbon skyline, seen from the Tagus River.

  2. Lot 7

    Construction begins on second lot

    Standing immediately next to it, Lot 7’s construction started shortly after and will be already in the first semester of 2021. Together, the two buildings are an enticing preview of the elegant, but very unique, Prata’s iconic design, idealized by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

  3. Prata Sales Center

    Now you can visit us in person

    The Prata Sales Center opened in April 2019, marking the beginning of a new stage in the Project’s life. Being the ideal setting to showcase all the quality and sophistication of the materials, fittings and equipment installed at Prata Riverside Village, our Sales Stand is, by itself, definitely worth a visit.

    Come and visit us! We’re open every day, from 10am to 7pm. Find how to reach us, here.

  4. Oriente Riverside Park

    Requalification starts

    Parque Ribeirinho do Oriente's requalification starts, the most recent - and pleasant - garden in the city, which will help transform, the eastern part of Lisbon forever, connecting Prata Riverside Village to Parque das Nações.

  5. Oriente Riverside Park


    Parque Ribeirinho do Oriente's Opening, a great garden by the river, open to the whole city, but closely linked to the Prata Riverside Village's community, with which it shares more than 10 hectares of green area, equipment, restaurants and shopping areas.

  6. Second Phase

    Starts the construction of the last buildings

    Beginning of the construction WEST building and the SQUARE building, of the second phase of Prata Riverside Village representing 172 apartments.

  7. Atelier Plataforma P´la Arte

    Project Start

    An inclusive occasion, which will expand the dissemination and sale of artistic products, in the parking lot that aims to acquire a work of art or request an original creation, meet artists, understand their creative process and artistic approach for themselves.

  8. Riverside Bike Shop


    A space that promises to assume the status of a meeting point for all adventurers looking for bicycle material and accessories of all kinds.

  9. URBAN Building

    Start the construction

    Located on the first line of the river, a few meters from the Tagus bank and directly connected to Parque das Nações, Prata Riverside Village continues to develop an excellent pace of construction with 65 apartments.

  10. RIVERSIDE Building


    The second building of the project designed by the acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano to receive inhabitants, consisting of 40 apartments. RIVERSIDE was fully commercialized even before its completion, with 65% of customers being Portuguese.

  11. Delta The Coffee House Experience


    A space with a new store concept and a new experience in the world of coffee, in an innovative environment that enchants with the tranquility and beauty of Parque Ribeirinho Oriente.

  12. Mercearia da Prata


    A modern and welcoming space to welcome residents and visitors, with a wide range of products, from a wine cellar, traditional confectionery, fresh food, delicatessen, bakery and even organic products for everyday use.

Feel the light

Feel the light

Come and discover the best sunrises and sunsets in town.
Prata's terraces, balconies and large glass spans were designed to take advantage of the Lisbon sun and bathe in natural light every single square meter of your apartment.

Feel the design

Feel the design

A work of art inside and out. At Prata, the passion for design transcends architecture and is reflected in the utmost care in the selection of equipment and materials. Form, function and robustness, in perfect harmony.

Feel good

Feel good

In a Prata apartment, quality of life is the absolute priority. From entry T0 to top T4, everyone shares the same vision: thermal isolation, acoustic comfort, guaranteed exceptional finishes. Small-big details that make all the difference.