A new way of
living Lisbon

A concept as simple as seductive:
Be inspired by our riverside village

Quality of life above all

Inspired by the convenience, proximity and quality of life of a small village in the heart of a large city, Prata Riverside Village is organized around a tree-lined square, the central core of an energetic community of shops, restaurants and services dedicated to residents. but open to neighbors, visitors and customers from all over the city.

Fitness, wellness and the river breeze

Prata guests can, if they wish, use a fitness center with an integrated pool and sports and wellness facilities. And if you don't want to miss the river breeze and the fresh air of the park, you can keep in shape with the excellent bike path and the Tagus promenade, which will extend throughout Parque das Nações.

Time to enjoy the city's best

Terraces, gardens and huge balconies. Prata Riverside Village captures the best of Lisbon's passion for the sun, light and the small pleasures of life like no other. Located less than 10 minutes from the heart of the city, from all the hustle and bustle of tourism, Prata still manages to maintain its own aura of urban oasis.










Prata Riverside Village's kitchens are equipped with a complete set of high-quality SMEG appliances, one of the largest worldwide references in technology and innovation, with the unmistakable charm of Italian design.
All Prata apartments have private covered parking with high efficiency electric vehicle chargers. These, apart from the main public chargers and other urban mobility solutions, make Prata the first major project 100% future-oriented.
Prata is equipped with an elegant - and sophisticated - tubular solar panel system, which makes use of the buildings' excellent south solar disposition to ensure water heating and to reinforce the apartments' Class A Energy Certification.
So you can enjoy the natural light and delicate beauty of your condominium's private gardens at all time, Prata Elevators have panoramic views from the tempered glass walls.
The large glass windows in the "social" area of ​​the apartments provide unmatched natural light at any time of the day. But when you prefer a little more privacy or less light, you can trigger the electric blackouts with automatic collection system.
Prata buildings are equipped with home automation technology and sophisticated command and security sensors. The condominium also includes central CCTV surveillance services.
Developed by Reynaers, a leader in this segment, the premium window frames used at Prata Riverside Village ensure maximum thermal and acoustic comfort, effectively isolating the interior environment and optimizing the energy efficiency of the apartments.
Designed by renowned designer Ernesto Meda, Prata integrated kitchens are one of the hallmarks of your home: Italian "haute couture", where unique style meets functionality and durability, thanks to coatings, materials and finishes. of the highest quality.
The ventilated Prata's façade is an engineering masterpiece, with a very portuguese DNA. Inspired by portuguese tiles' tradition, it is made up of highly resistant ceramic tiles, capable of giving life to sunlight and transforming the façades of buildings. as by "magic".


Come discover Prata Riverside Village. And let yourself be inspired by a new way of living Lisbon.

Jornal Económico

"(...) distinguished with the Best Real Estate Development Award in the Housing category under the SIL Real Estate 2019 Awards."

The Times

"(...) Prata Riverside has a distinctive look and is the first portuguese project for the renowned architect Renzo Piano, who was inspired by the sails of the boats on the river (and) reminiscent of traditional portuguese warehouses."

Jornal Expresso

"The riverfront is experiencing a new wave of public and private projects that will give it, over the next ten years, more projection and visibility in the Metropolitan Area and globally."

Dinheiro Vivo

"VIC's plan (...) is "to contradict the concept of dormitory or private condominium and create the feeling of neighborhood." The venture will have offices and about one hundred stores, which will be leased by the promoter itself, after defining the mix of services."

A new lifestyle

More than a new neighborhood, a new lifestyle in the city center. Come and discover everything that makes our "urban village" so special.